Renew Lagos 2022 – The Gospel on the Move

It goes without saying that we have fallen on hard times in Nigeria. We know about the general difficulties, but I am sure you be going through specific difficulties as well. At times like these, we must stop doing less important things, and press harder in doing the most important things because the latter usually have a longer lasting impact. Which means we can focus on nothing more important than that which makes an eternal impact; that is the Gospel of how the Trinitarian God saves his creation through the person and work of Jesus Christ. Scripture and history encourage us with the many Gospel movements which emerge during times of persecution, opposition, and difficulties for the church. By God’s grace, our time will not be different for this same Gospel is on the move. If we are to see the renewal we’ve been praying for occur in our day, now is the time we must focus on the various missional ways the Gospel goes out to the world.

Therefore, it is my honour and pleasure to formally invite you to Renew Conference 2022, a conference for Christian leaders and every believer, holding 11th–13th October 2022 at The Jewel Aeida, 105 Hakeem Dickson Link Road, (Elf Bus Stop), Lekki from 9am daily. Our theme this year is “The Gospel on the Move”. We will be joined at this event by anointed local and international speakers with a variety of experience in Christian ministry.

If you’re asking “who is this for?”. It is for every Christian! The morning and afternoon sessions are geared towards church & ministry leaders, but every believer will be blessed by them and are strongly encouraged to attend and participate. Apart from powerful plenary teachings, these sessions will also include equipping breakout sessions and enlightening Q&A discussions among others.

The evening sessions will focus more on every believer, but, church and ministry leaders will also be blessed by them, and are equally encouraged to attend. Apart from thoughtful and empowering messages, we will also have an anointed praise night along with life changing prayer sessions as well.

Registration for this year’s conference is free but compulsory. You, and those you invite, must register so we can plan for everyone. Limited and subsidised accommodation will be available based on indicated interest when you register, after which you will be updated with necessary information. Click here to register and contact us via the channels indicated below should you require more information.

We look forward to having you, along with all those you seek to invite. In Christ’s service,


Dr. Femi Osunnuyi

Lead Pastor, City Church Lagos and Convener, Renew Conference